Wednesday, April 9, 2014


"Prepare to meet thy God, Oh Israel!"

Sounds like something we would hear Clint Eastwood say if he was starring in The Ten Commandments doesn't it?

In actual fact this was a warning given by lowly shepherd Amos in about 760BC.

Amos sees visions of GOD's displeasure at Israel for falling back into idol-worship again. As always with Biblical prophets, he is given a message of hope; and a warning.

Seek justice for all,
Like a never-ending stream;
and you shall meet God

Amos warned the people about the importance of justice, and treating each other well.
God seems to measure our spiritual condition by how well we pass on the love and mercy we have received.
What have we done today for someone else?  
Lent is more than a time for self-reflection, it is also a time to consider who we treat others.
Did you fast today?  What did you do with the money you save?  

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