Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Sixteen : Shod (with Gospel of peace)

and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

The original word was also translated as “under-worn.” 

A Roman soldiers feet were protected not by sandals, but a steel hobbed boot.  The thick leather, with metal studs, was tied tightly to the bottom of his foot.

Unlike the Greek greave-boot, which aimed at protecting the leg, the Roman caligul aimed at protecting the sole of the foot.


Because Romans knew that the enemy was likely to attack them in their most sensitive spot.

Have you ever stood on a stone, or even a sharp stick?
It hurts.  The bottom of your foot is very sensitive.

In Roman times, soldiers used to put spikes and sharpened stick on the road to try and hobble attacking armies.  Spikes that would go right through a soft shoe.

So the Romans wore toughened boots, to protect their most sensitive place.


In the same way, the enemy will throw annoyances in our way.  He will try and make us angry with our loved ones, and lose our temper.  He will make is unforgiving, and cruel.  He will throw these little traps in our path, and we will cut our feet on them.

How do you stand firm in the face of an attack when you are limping on an injury to your soul, like a hatred you are harbouring for your brother.

The Good News calls us all to be at peace with one another, so that we can stand in righteousness.

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