Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

What is so Good about this day?

Most people enjoy Easter, and as Christians we rejoice on Sunday morning by singing hymns of joy and renewal.  We love our Easter eggs, and love our dawn services.

But for it all to mean anything, we can not forget what happened on that Friday.

For us to accept the saving power of Christ's resurrection, we need to accept the death that he suffered.  We need to remind ourselves of the death we need to suffer: To self, to the world, and to our ongoing temptations.  We need to remind ourselves of that death, and how it saves us daily from the greater death of being lost in sin.

I am not one who relishes seeing crosses with Christ still hanging on them, because I serve a risen saviour.

But that empty cross means nothing if we forget too easily that He hung there for us.

Just saying.

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