Friday, March 21, 2014

2 Chronicles

Sin leads to people falling away from God's plan.  After King David, the kingdom is led by his son Solomon.  And after Solomon, the sin and rebellion of the people leads to the splitting of God's perfect plan into a nation divided.

Israel falls, and even the stronger, more Godly, Judah eventually falls.  Jerusaleum falls, and the Babylonians take the people into exile.

But even through all of this, God never leaves them, or gives up his plans for them.

The final verses of Chronicles are echoed in the opening lines of Ezra. Cyrus, the king of Persia allows the Jews to rebuild the temple.

 A nation fallen
Still carrying God’s favour.
“I will bring you home.”

Do we ever see only pain and suffering in God's plan for us, where it is actually aimed at bringing us back to Him?
Do we know, and truly believe, that God desires to save us and bless us?  
Take a moment to think about what that means for your decisions each day.

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