Saturday, March 8, 2014


I think for many people, Leviticus is probably a good example of what they don't like about Lent. 
Be honest, what is the first think you think of when I say "Leviticus"?

Probably "Lots of rules."
Maybe, "Lots and lots of pointless rules?"

The book of Leviticus contains many examples of ceremonial laws, as opposed to the moral laws of Exodus.  It is largely a book for the Levites, who's job it was to make sure that the people were ceremonially clean.

And let us face it, most of the book is not directly relevant to us.  We are no longer living under the strict Old Testament codes of diet and behaviour. 

But Leviticus was not just a set of random rules that God set up to test us, or to make us fail.
Leviticus has one strong theme running though it...
"I am Holy, so You will be Holy."
God is a Holy God, and he wants us to be Holy as well.  More than that, he expects us to be able to be Holy.  

But he doesn't base our salvation on it.  He brought his people out of Egypt first.  (Salvation)
THEN he gave them rules for Holy Living.  (Sanctification)

He didn't tell them that if they broke the rules he would send them back to Egypt.  But he gave them rules to help them to sanctify (purify) themselves so that they could lives closer to him.  

He wanted them to remember to treat Him as Holy, so that they could become more Holy.  So that they could become more like Him.  So that they could feel closer to Him.  

We don't have to follow the rules laid down in Leviticus, but we also can't ever forget why He gave them to us.  And we can not forget the constant refrain of Leviticus...

As I am holy
So must all my people be
Do this and draw near
What one thing in your life right now is getting in the way of drawing closer to God?
What one thing could you add to your life today to help you draw closer to God?
Do we really try to be Holy?  Or do we just give ourselves a "free pass" because we already have the free gift of grace and salvation?
Lent is not about following rules, it is about taking a day (or 40) to think about how to draw closer to God.  Do we?

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