Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Samuel

a.k.a Why I like King David.

After Saul, David took over as King of Israel.

Best. King. Ever.

I like reading about King David, and the reasons why could take up an entire 40 days of posting on their own.  But let me summarise.

King David appears to have had the closest relationship with God of anyone mentioned in the Bible.  (Apart from Jesus.)  God refers to him as "A man after my own heart."

Yet we know that David was far from perfect.  Very far.
He lied.  He cheated.  He committed adultery.  He murdered to cover up the adultery.
He made a few mistakes.  Big ones.

So what made him "a man after my won heart"?  Why did God keep forgiving him, and blessing him?

Because his heart was alway focused on God.  When he made mistakes, he did not try and excuse them, or tell himself that the had not sinned.  When he was convicted of his sin, either by God directly, or through a prophet, he would tear his clothes and repent and turn back to God with a sincere heart.

And God, who judged what was in his heart, would take him back with open arms.

Israel’s greatest King
A man after God’s own heart
Yet still so human

I fall.  I fail.  A lot.
But God does not judge me by my mistakes, but by how I deal with them.
He does not judge me for my sins, but for whether I turn from them.
I pray that God helps me to have a heart that is pleasing for him, no matter how many times I might fall.

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