Friday, March 7, 2014


We all know the story of the Exodus, right?
God's chosen people have found themselves caught in slavery in Egypt.  They have suffered, and have called out to their God;  And he sends them a saviour.

Even after generations in Egypt, God did not forget His people, or His promise to them.
He leads them out of slavery, and into new life with Him.

And for 40 years, as the wander the dessert, still lost as a result of their sin and rebellion, he never leaves them.  He never forgets them.  He guides them miraculously with a pillar of flame by night, and a tower of smoke by day.  He feeds them with Manna from Heaven.  

And for 40 years they walked, and looked for a way to please God and draw closer to him.
They walked their faith, as they were given new understanding every day of what it meant to be a follower... it sometimes means blisters on your feet, but it means that as long as you are walking and following, God will always lead you and protect you.

God did not leave us
Fire by night, cloud by day
Our faith in our feet.
God saved us, and brought us out of sin as well.  Do we grumble about the long walk? Do we long to go back to Egypt, where we were comfortable?
Do we have blisters from walking the path each day?  Or do we just put our feet up sometimes?
Do we always remember that God is going with us? Even when we can't see him.

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