Friday, March 14, 2014


I am not saying that Ruth is my favourite book of the Old Testament, I am not saying that it is the greatest book of the Old Testament.  I am saying that I believe that in four short chapters, the author tells the entire story of the Bible.  

Our heroine, Ruth, is faithful to her Mother-in-Law, refusing to abandon her, even when both their husbands are dead.  She is rescued by our hero, Boaz.  He pays the bride price, and redeems here and takes her for his wife.  And from them comes King David, and ultimately the line that gives us Jesus; the ultimate 'kinsman redeemer' and bride groom.

 Bride Price paid for Her
Redemption for faithfulness
Saving line begun

Sometimes we don't understand what God has planned for us, but he always meets our needs and works out our lives in ways we could never have dreamed possible.  

Are you letting God work in your life?  Or are you trying to tell him how to fix your problems?
Do you have faith that, even if you can't see a solution, God can?
Have you thanked him today for always providing for you?

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