Thursday, March 6, 2014


The book of Genesis is not the oldest book in the Bible, but it is the first presented.  Because Genesis is the Book of Beginnings. 

God creates the Earth, which most people agree is a good idea.

Then he chooses a special people, and calls them to have a relationship with Him....
...which seems like less of a good idea when you see how they/we keep messing it up.

But God didn't create the Earth, and Mankind, just so he would have something pretty to look at, or to have something fun to watch, like a giant soap opera.

He created us to be in a relationship with Him.
He created us for love.
He created us, because HE is love.

He made us.  He called us. He showed us the way to live.

In the beginning
Made for love, called for my own
Follow me, and live

God chose us, are we choosing Him today?
God loves us, how are we going to show our love for Him today?
God wants us to have life in all its fulness.  How are you going to live your life for Him today?

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