Thursday, March 13, 2014


This book is all about Israel falling into the same trap over and over again...
1. They forget all about God.
2. They sin.  A lot.
3. God punishes them by handing them over to their enemies.
4.  They turn back to God.
5.  God sends a deliverer (called a 'judge') to save them.
6.  They rejoice, and promise never to forget all about God again.
7.  They forget about how badly they messed up, and go back to step one.

Second verse; same as the first.

The most amazing thing for me, is step 5.... and how many times God does it.  If you read the book quickly, you realise how often Israel forgot about God and turned their back on Him.  Yet he never forgets about them.  He does whatever it takes to bring them back to him.  Again.  And Again.

Endless mercy.  Endless grace.

Endless love.

So quick to forget
We fall and are delivered
No limit to Grace
Every time they fell into sin, we are told that "They did what was right in their own eyes."
Do we do what it is right in God's eyes?  Or just our own.
Do we learn from our mistakes, or keep coming back to them.
What do I need to pray for help in putting behind me today?
Have I thanked God recently for all those times he keeps saving me?

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