Sunday, March 14, 2010


As you read this, I am away for the weekend.  I left on Friday to go camping with some Christian friends.  Tonight I will be coming back to church to preach at the 6PM service.  Let’s hope by the time this post publishes I know what I am going to say. :-)

One of the things I like about the campsite where we are going (already are when you read this) is the fact that it is so quiet.  We are miles from anywhere, and it is just so peaceful.  In the past I have gotten a lot of writing done there, and this year I hope to get some journaling done. 

GOD speaks to us in the silences I think.  But only if we open our ears.  He has so much to say to us, and Lent is an ideal time to open ourselves up to hear it, yet we often spend the whole time making noise. 

So be still, and know that he is GOD.

And let him talk to you today.

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